Unique Article Wizard is one of the oldest blog networks available to internet marketers. Unique Article Wizard was created several years ago and currently has over 3,000 available sites in their network.

Unique Article Wizard utilizes blog/article site owners that are looking for content, therefore it is a public network. Public networks are both good and bad, with the major benefit being the reduction of a footprint that search engines could pick up on. UniqueArticleWizard utilizes a different approach towards spinning content. Rather then using your generic spun syntaxes, you UniqueArticleWizard has two different spinning options. The first is their Spinning Wizard, which walks you through creating three different variations of each paragraph of your content. This can obviously be an extremely timely process, but helps anyone, beginner or expert to get their content accepted into the Unique Article Wizard community. If you are more versed they have an expert option that simply allows you to paste in your three different paragraph variations.

After completing the posting section you then have the opportunity to select three different categories for article distribution. Unique Article Wizard has been around for some time, which has allowed them to fine tune their posting algorithm and distribution channels. It assures that the right publishers get your content, while reducing any potential footprints.

After working with Unique Article Wizard’s Title Wizard, you’ll learn how to make the best possible spun titles for your distribution. Unique Article Wizard accepts links only within the resource boxes as well, so you’ll need to make sure that you’ve properly set them up so that your links will be shown and displayed properly.

Unique Article Wizard also supports drip-fed link building. This is almost essential for just about any serious blog network. This means that you can setup your article submissions for months down the road, literally making it a set it and forget it approach. This is a lifesaver for internet marketers.

As stated above, Unique Article Wizard is the original blog network. They originated and created the idea which has spawned off so many different variations. Unique Article Wizard is a public network, which generally can mean two things. A wide variety of websites, blogs, or article directories, which helps reduce the overall footprint which search engines can find and indentify sites in these networks. With that comes one large negative, lower quality websites. Generally these websites and webpages are of lower quality then those found in private blog networks. So on one hand you’ll have a large distribution, from a wide range of diverse TLDs, domain registration information and IP addresses/hosts although you’ll receive much lower quality backlinks.

Overall, Unique Article Wizard offers you the ability to post on thousands of blogs, at various posting rates, supported by a fairly advanced algorithm to help match you with blogs, article directories and webpages. Unique Article Wizard shouldn’t be your only blog network though, this is best supported with atleast one other powerful network like Build My Rank or Linkvana. The goal of a powerful marketer that wants serious results is to utilize these services creatively, that’s exactly what you can do with Unique Article Wizard to see some truly fantastic results.