The SEO Cockpit is a plug in that was developed and marketed online by Jared Croslow. Essentially, it is a tool that help online businessmen and women monitor the number of backlinks a site has, tracking their current rankings for certain keywords in the search engines, as well as monitoring Google PageRank. Also, it will tell a marketer if the pages have been indexed and if “spiders” have crept up into your site. It presents keyword traffic status so that you can determine which items produce large traffic. All these leads to an increase amount of cash you generate from your products.

Why is there a need for the SEO Cockpit? Just like the cockpit found in any airplane, many marketers own various websites that may cause confusion leading to poor management. The staggering statistics, keywords, and back links presented are too numerous that many online marketers are looking for a tool or plug in that will help in managing these vital sites statistics. This is where SEO Cockpit comes in. It lets you manage your sites (including back links, PageRank, page indexes, traffic, presence of spiders, and keyword rankings) by sending you reports daily in customized PDF files and email alerts.

When you install the plug in, it will show a control panel that looks like a real cockpit and is essentially user friendly. The dashboard, as it is called, shows you a clear picture of the following: keywords, indexed pages, back links, traffic, and rankings. These detailed reports are important so that when you do search engine optimization for your site, it will be practical, efficient, and effective. It works by alerting marketers changes in the search engine ranking so that they can employ changes necessary to propel their website or product back into the number one spot. The SEO Cockpit is a tool that is easy and simple to use but saves online marketers lots of time spent in monitoring individual sites. Trends can be spotted in reports with just a click of a button as well as get updates automatically so that information remains current. To address complicated installation, the SEO Cockpit is designed as a Web application so that it won’t be a hassle for marketers. The ones who purchase this are not under a contract and are not obliged, thus cancellation at any time is allowable. Vitally, it is a fact finding and relating tool.

How does the SEO Cockpit monitoring done? All you have to do is add your domains (all of them if you wish), add your keywords, and wait for at least 24 hours for your pertinent statistics. The entire package allows for a 14 day free trial, and if you want to purchase the service it is sold at the following rates: $10 per month for the basic package, $20 per month for the standard package, $40 per month for the advanced package, and $80 per month for the volume package. The volume package allows 250 domains, 5000 keywords, and 24 hours status updates.

SEO Cockpit is essential to the wellness of any SEO campaign. Monitoring vital things like backlinks, rankings, and index rates allow you to stay ahead of your competition. The alert feature is extremely beneficial as well. It helps you stay on top of what is happening without the issues of not being aware.