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What does this membership offer? And how does it work? When you register online at Real Writing Jobs, they first offer a seven day trial period worth $4.49 so that you can get a sample taste of how the system works. After this, all you need to do is register for an additional amount of $77 in which membership to their online system is instantly for a lifetime. This site guarantees its members that they will be able to earn $100 per day (or more) with much lesser effort required to write large articles, and if the member will earn lesser than this, it may mean that he or she is accepting a lesser number of job workload as he or she desires.

At this site, you will be able to write short professional articles that may be billed for as high as $50 each, review websites for inappropriate content (that is, check and review websites that must not be accessed by children below 18 years of age) for $20/hour, $150/day for reading and responding to emails, $30 per blog post, and $200/day for editing content and proofreading, in addition to a variety of writing jobs that will be offered to you once you sign up as a member. Or you can choose writing jobs that you are most enthusiastic about, such as restaurant, local business, or food reviews.

Real Writing Jobs creators realize the growing market for online writers, editors, proofreaders, or article reviewers. They aim to bring these opportunities to those who are able to write or wish to write in order for users to increase revenue as desired. However, the system will only work and be available for those with the following requirements: You must be at least 18 years of age, must be able to use and access the internet, dedicate at least an hour a week to this system, be able to follow directions, and complete writing jobs they are assigned to. In addition, a sense of professionalism must be present in their members to their employers so that your credibility as a writer may further increase. In addition to joining this system, you get to use and download a wide range of tools for you to use and improve, speed up, and maximize your writing job and performance. An example of this is the automatic article writer which helps you write an article in half the time required, automatic idea generator that gives inspiration for you to write your articles that seem too difficult to discuss, and even a typing trainer that will improve your typing skills so that you can dish out 120 words per minute to decrease the writing time needed. There are hundreds of other tools given for free as well.

Real Writing Jobs offers a 60 day money back guarantee for those who find the system not up to their standards and an accessible help desk for inquiries.