Niche Press Platinum is a private blog network created with the intention of widespread article syndication. This private article network currently claims that it has over 450 active blogs in its network, as well that they are spread over a large range of IPs.

Niche Press Platinum gives you the ability to spin your articles as well, which is essential if you want the most success from your network blasts. You have the ability to spin both your content and titles. They also support nested spinning, which allows you to have really unique content.

Niche Press Platinum gives you access to an online userzone in which you can post to the article network and view your previous submissions. Niche Press Platinum also gives you the URLs of your previous submissions, which is a great feature.

Overall Niche Press Platinum is a good blog network to be a part of. The pricing is reasonable compared to other similar blog networks and it seems that they are continuously adding additional IPs and domains to the mix. This is important since the goal is to have the smallest possible footprint between all of the sites.

Niche Press Platinum is one of the best values for blog networks currently available on the internet. It is still in its infancy but I feel that if continued on the same track it could be one of the best. There are a few issues that should be dealt with though. The userzone and website are slow, and sometimes impossible to access. Most of the blogs where your content is posted to are also slow, and often display a 404 page. This is bad from an SEO perspective as Google and other search engines can often discount sites that are extremely slow or frequently down.

One other issue is the lack of diversity in TLDs, currently Niche Press Platinum is comprised of a significant amount of .info, and a very rare and occasional .com or .org. It’d be nice if there was some additional TLDs in the mix as well.

In closing, if you are looking for an additional blog network to help with some of your other powerful blog networks such as SEOLinkvine then I’d highly recommend Niche Press Platinum.