If you are interested in giving out your opinions and constructive criticisms about products and even websites, then My Web Opinions’ offer may be the one for you. Created by Nancy Harkovy, My Web Opinions will guide you in earning money online the easy way.

The following are the estimated earnings:

Minimum of $5 to maximum of $10 to test a site.
Minimum of $2 to maximum of $20 to complete a survey.
Minimum of $15 to maximum of $25 to watch and rate movies and TV programs.

Upon subscribing, you would get several free bonuses, which include:

Seminar regarding how to earn online by answering surveys.
Discussion regarding survey companies functioning online.
The set-up and activation of your account.

Millions of companies are actually paying people for their opinions. Although you might not find it on your own, My Web Opinions will show you the companies who would pay you to either watch, listen or experience their product, service or website. These companies actually have binding contracts with My Web Opinions so that you would only have access to such surveys through the site.

Market research is very important for companies. What better way to learn about their market than seeking the opinion of the market itself? This is the principle being employed in My Web Opinions. Tons of reputable companies work with this site, including Apple computers, Pepsi, McDonalds, Chevron, Ford and more. Even online companies like Yahoo!, Google and Facebook work with My Web Opinions.

You can even estimate the amount you could be earning per day by inputting the number of studies you think you could complete, the average money you would like to earn per survey, the number of days you plan on working, how many Focus Group discussions you would like to participate in per day and other information.

All you need to do is spend one hour to learn how to actually do it. My Web Opinions does not claim to make you a millionaire in 24 hours, neither would there be any selling and you don’t have to buy any Google Ads for this to work. This is a very amiable work at home opportunity, especially for housewives, college students and people with disability.

Once you decide to be a part of My Web Opinions, you would receive six bonuses, aside from the ones already mentioned above. These are: Paid Surveys 101, Get Paid to Drive, Get Paid to Shop, Get Paid to Eat, Get Paid to Test Products and Get Paid to Blog.

The total offer of My Web Opinions is only $3.99 a month, 12 months subscription. You would only have to pay once so the payment would be $47.88. They also have the 60-day no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. It is renewable every year for the next three years unless otherwise canceled.