MyArticleNetwork is a blog network that allows for content syndication over a wide range of blogs. In fact there are over 20,000 unique blogs available in the MyArticleNetwork blog network.

MyArticleNetwork was created by Matt Callen, who is Brad Callens (SEOLinkvine) brother. MyArticleNetwork was created before SEOLinkvine, and there is a lot of influence of MAN’s tools and ideas in SEOLinkvine. For example, MyArticleNetwork was created from a wide range of blog owners. This means that there is a significant diversity in IP addresses, domain registration info, and nameserver information. You don’t want the search engines catching on to blog networks and throwing out all your backlinks at once. This helps guarantee that this will never happen.

In order to keep MyArticleNetwork’s blogs unique they utilize spun syntaxes. You are able to spin the titles, and content, which makes the posts unique across the MyArticleNetwork. Keep in mind that you want to make sure that your content is atleast 30% unique, otherwise the owners that own the blogs will most likely not syndicate your content. MAN uses blogs owned by individuals to syndicate your content. It isn’t automated which means that the rate that search engines find your content is dependent by their crawl rates, and when the bloggers post your article.

MyArticleNetwork takes it a step further and allows you to determine when you want to distribute your articles, as well as determine your distribution rate. This helps automate your backlink building even further. Instead of constantly needing to login and create posts, like with other blog networks. You can simply login once, submit your articles, and choose your distribution date and watch the backlinks build naturally.

MyArticleNetwork is one of the first true blog networks available to the public. They are also one of the best. You can tell that this network has been properly built, and created with functions that are extremely search engine friendly.

MAN is a large network, of over 20,000 blogs with unique domain hosting and registration information. It accepts all popular spun variations and allows for spinning in the titles and content as well.

MAN allows you to have an unlimited amount of submissions, and makes your project management extremely easy as well. Being able to setup specific distribution dates, as well as determining how many articles you want syndicated means that you are in complete control of your campaigns as well.

I’d recommend MAN to anyone for their first, or even second blog network. It provides exceptional value and is extremely easy to use. This is how all blog networks should be created.