Linx Boss is a private network of blogs and websites created for the purpose of backlinking to your websites. Linx Boss is much like Linkvana and Backlink solutions although the emphasis is placed on automation. Unlike Linkvana though Linx Boss limits the amount of links that you can obtain each and every month using their system.

Linx Boss allows you to achieve 1000 links per month spread out among 5 domains. This means that you can get 200 unique links for your domains a month. According to Linx Boss, their network of sites are comprised of PR 1- PR 6 websites that are aged anywhere between 2 – 11 years old. They also assure that their websites are not interlinked, and that each and every website is properly linked to and indexed within the search engines. Linx Boss also manually reviews each and every website that clients are using within Linx Boss. They don’t approve low quality sites by their clients, which means that the outgoing links on these domains are only of higher quality.

Linx Boss drip feeds your posts throughout the month, broken up randomly each and every day. That way you have randomization of inbound links seen by the search engines. Linx Boss also created with SEO in mind. The domains are hosted on a wide range of IP addresses, with unique domain owner information. This helps reduce any footprints that a search engine may pick up on, and helps keep the network as unique as possible.

Linx Boss has created a very unique anchor text system that helps you to properly diversify your anchor text to your domain. You are able to have a primary keyword and secondary keywords. The primary keyword gets 100 backlinks per month, and the secondary keywords receive a distribution between the next 100. This helps diversify your inbound anchor text, assuring that it is completely natural in terms of diversity.