BacklinkBuild is a linkbuilding service based out of New Jersey. Backlinkbuild focuses on building one-way backlinks for website owners and search engine optimizers that need additional help with backlink building. According to, they offer 45 PR5+ backlinks, and packages catered to your specific wants and needs.

You have the ability to select the anchors and URLs of each specific link as well. Backlinks are provided from the following sources:

1. DoFollow blog commenting
2. Manual Text link placement
3. Social Bookmarking
4. Directory Submission

Currently there are four link building packages available, Backlinkbuild claims that all backlinks are permanent and will replace them if you ever come across links that have come down for one reason or another.

1. Basic ($189) – You’ll receive 12 links spread out over 4 different domains, as well as a bonus PR5 backlink. This is typically completed within 6 days.
2. Advanced ($315) – You’ll receive 21 links spread over 7 separate domains, with an additional 3 PR 5 backlinks. This takes around 7 days to be completed.
3. Professional ($476) – With this package you will receive 34 backlinks spread over 12 separate domains with an additional three PR 6 backlinks. This takes around 9 days to be completed.
4. Corporate ($915) – This is the granddaddy, you will receive 60 links over 20 separate domains and an additional 8 PR 6 backlinks. This takes 11 days to complete.

Backlink build also has variations of the packages mentioned above but with EDU links included as well. The costs are slightly higher and the packages are setup a little differently. Unfortunately, yet understandably, they cannot guarantee the placement of EDU links for the long term, therefore you only receive a 30-day guarantee with these packages.

Backlinkbuild also has the following services available, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Article Submission and a brand new Blog Network service. Pricing is based upon whichever package you may select within the aforementioned services.