The Auto Blog Blueprint is a new tutorial online website developed by Michael Johnson. The main idea behind this site is to teach newbies on how to create blogs that are successfully launched and maintained online and then operates fully automated leaving the entire system entirely hands free.

The system works by teaching you not only the basics in blogging through a step by step, video reinforced method, but also advanced tactics such as Domain, Web Hosting, Advanced Plug In Use and Monetization, as well as Niche Research. When the need arises that the content is too much to digest, a quick question can be posted on their forum and answered accordingly. Its not just a group of videos and PDFs that other marketers offer, rather it is a professional coaching website that involves themes, headers, modules, steps, and a forum that function to teach the following: build a blog for product promotion or build links to it in the instance your site does not generate the immediate cash wanted but a back up plan works through affiliate marketing.

Once you sign up for Auto Blog Blueprint lifetime membership, you get an autoblog optimized WordPress setup file. This file is also equipped with a couple of headers and WordPress themes that needs to be customized only a little bit. But there is no need to worry as the setup is filled with recommended plug ins and settings that can help you customize as you wish without getting lost. Inside the website itself, there are seven main links in the top navigation bar that will guide you in your learning process. The first link is for the members: what to expect, what’s inside, how does the system works, how the payment is made, and other viable information. The first module is more on strategy planning that tackles on niche research, hosting, and domains. Module two teaches search engine optimization using the auto blog you will create. It will involve learning how plug ins are installed, how to generate a theme, and other essential things that are needed in order to rank in the search. The third module is more on how to get your site in the top index and how to properly monetize it. This is more on affiliate marketing for extra income and ClickBank promotions. Module four is on backlinking: how to make your site visible online by getting backlinks from social networks or other popular blogs to drive traffic into your own. Module Five is a quick run down of all the steps: what you must have done, what you did, what you missed, and what you should remember as important points. Again, the 24/7 forum is listed on the navigation bar for queries or questions on topics that are hard to understand. Their support desk will gladly answer any inquiries and guide you through the learning process.

The comprehensive yet easy to understand tutorial system is sold for a one time payment of $147 under a 90 days money back guarantee.