Article Ranks is a public blog network that connects article writers with bloggers craving for content. Article Ranks is very similar to SEOLinkvine and MyArticleNetwork. According to Article Ranks there are several thousand blogs currently taking content, which means for a wide range of backlinks coming from a very diverse background.

Diversity is something to look for when selecting a blog network as it helps reduce any potential problems with the search engines identifying these blog networks and then discounting them.

The blog network accepts spun content, which allows for unique content to spread efficiently throughout the blogs. Spun content in essence means more backlinks to your website, with less work for you. Article Ranks accepts the popular spun formats, which you can paste in via their text editor. If you are new to spinning Article Ranks helps you with the spinning process. With a helpful guide you can spin each sentence up to ten times right within Article Ranks. Article Ranks also provides a synonym suggester to make spinning your articles within their website that much easier.

Article Ranks, like MyArticleNetwork, only accepts articles with a minimum of 300 words per spun result. For each article you can have a maximum of three links, also like MAN.

Unlike other public blog syndication networks, Article Ranks doesn’t allow for controlled postings. In essence, you can’t control how many times your blog post gets posted and you also can’t control when they are distributed. The ability to control the drip rate of your posts, as well as when they are distributed are great for set-it and forget-it types of arrangements for pre planned SEO.