WP Remix, now owned by R5 Ltd., is a WordPress powered master theme that features easy to manipulate layout options that help speed up website creation and development. It is a multi-purpose theme that covers any possible layout without the hassle of complicated code editing. With just one click, you can insert a new page layout without the fuss. The easily customizable multiple options give the user an array of different website design combination’s that will just take minutes to get done instead of hours or even days.

WP Remix has over 50 pre-structured templates that are strategically built to cover almost all possible page layouts. Each lay out has ajax, video, dynamic and static content, custom fields, and plugin compatibility so you have all you need to make your page unique. Built with less HTML technicalities for the average users, this theme gives you the freedom to insert and edit page layouts directly from visual editor to avoid editing the HTML codes. Imagine being a newbie and not having that much hard of a time manipulating and discovering website creation and design. You don’t have to write the HTML or PHP codes from scratch to create your page. Novices could build a site in a matter of minutes using WP Remix while experts can innovate in combining themes to create endless possibilities. Following the WP remix code guide, it also allows you to execute Java script codes and PHP directly in the visual editor. To create variation in your page, this theme can create different sidebars, footers and headers for different pages instead of just one throughout the pages. Another practical feature of WP Remix is the smart drop down menu that can remember where you are and where you came from.
Functionality and variation is often hindered because of the way the features are coded differently. The WP Remix comes in a modular approach which integrates different functionalities in just one purchase. You don’t have to pay for the headers, footers, blog and theme separately from an author. The Dynamic Gallery Module, E-commerce Module, and the Magazine Module will just be themes that you have to integrate to the WP Remix to be able to use. You don’t have to pay for the whole amount to get these features, just a fraction of the entire sum for these add-ons. Aside from these, miscellaneous features include a documented theme guide in PDF, color schemes to suit the look that you want, add monetization that has strategic placeholders for advertisements, SEO ready code, drag and drop widget functionalities and much more.

The WP Remix Single Use license that may be used for a single website that has a built-in credit link at the footer costs $75 while the Multiple Use License that may be used over gain on different websites that has removable footer costs $275. An upgrade from Single to Multiple Use License only costs the difference of the two, $200. Free add-on modules include the Magazine Module for magazine or newspaper sites and the PHPBB3 template that can be used to create a forum on your site. WP Remix may be bought using Visa and MasterCard over the internet. The product is irrevocable and non-refundable in any case.