The WordPress Classroom is a new tutorial or coaching system developed and marketed by Matthew Wolfe. It is a great way to learn everything about blogging using the WordPress form in order to gain money through affiliate marketing.

Blogging through a WordPress application is a hard task. It can be very exacting, demanding, frustrating, and difficult to understand and employ. Most people who try to use a WordPress form for blogging often end up frustrated by the results and deleting what they have started. This was the experience by Matthew Wolfe himself and it propelled him to learn everything related about blogging – from the basics to the advanced methods – and teach new and interested bloggers step by step how the entire process is done.

After a couple of weeks working on this new coaching project, the WordPress Classroom was born. This coaching project now involves 54 videos set with high video and audio quality that teaches both new and advanced bloggers. It discusses a lot on how to select and purchase a proper domain, do hosting duties, select themes that are appropriate for your targeted readers, learn how to install important plug ins, how to optimize your blogs for the very purpose of dominating search engines, how to build and keep traffic through your blog, and how to use your blog as a way to earn money (or monetization process).

Why is there a need to create blogs using WordPress format? Making blogs using a WordPress allows small time internet marketers be more visible online without having to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements. Simply speaking, it is a cost effective approach to advertising. The WordPress Classroom comes in by providing a great free tutorial to beginners who want to advertise using this process. If you want to improve your blog more, you can purchase specialized themes and plug ins from the site (there are 1,000 themes and 6,000 plug ins to choose from) for a very cheap price or given for free. This was done so that small time bloggers like you and me can succeed too on the online market.

The online market is a competitive field that curtails the online marketer to step up the game and rise above the rest. But it does not mean that it does not allow small time marketers to succeed in their own right. Many successful marketers actually encourage others to join in the business and actually help them out to start well and keep it going. The WordPress Classroom is an honest to goodness site that aims to help others in the event that they need help. The fact that the videos are given for free is a living proof that marketing was not the priority of the creator; rather it was on educating others.