The Wizard Responder was created and is continually marketed by Randy Smith (an internet marketer) and Pete Crossman (a tech specialist). This is a service website that allows for membership for users that need to do one thing: building your email list (or lists) to increase the number of potential customers that will buy your product thus meaning more money to earn.

The idea behind this is the age old adage: “the money is in the list”. True enough, to ensure success online, one must need to make a targeted email list of immense proportions that will allow you to send emails that are of relevant information. How does list building work and how is it advantageous? First, list building or a list is the potential customers that will purchase your product. Second, the more people that are part of your mailing list, the highly likely that there will be a higher opportunity to sell your product to more people. Third, the relevant content that you send your customers will make them more loyal to you. And fourth, emails can serve as links to showcase your website.

The Wizard Responder comes into play by acting as an auto responder for your websites in order to create larger lists, and even make you new existing ones. The features behind this website service are the following:

Create an unlimited number of lists that can be attached to your account by using the Unlimited Autoresponders Tool.
Send an unlimited number of emails to as many subscribers as you want, in any time of the day (called Unlimited Messages Tool).
Get a basic package of 10,000 subscribers for a cheap monthly rate and an additional 10,000 more for ¼ of the price.
Use Link Cloaking and Tracking that lets you not only link and cloak websites, but also redirect between three different links so that you can do automated split testing.
Help potential subscribers fill out opt in forms with a single mouse click using the Automated Form Filling tool.
Migrate subscribers from one list to the other using an automated system saving precious time.
Use the Message Scheduling Tool where in you can send messages in advance and let the auto responder send it for you at that time and date.
Personalize your site by allowing using the Site Brander tool wherein your subscibers’ name is inserted into your page.
Get great delivery rates because of the white listed of all large email ISP’s.
Create another means of communication by using RSS feeds from autoresponder message sets (RSS Syndicator).
Make longer lists by importing existing lists from other email service providers.

The Wizard Autoresponder is sold for only $8.97 per month (for the 10,000 subscribers) and an additional $6.97 if you want another 10,000 subscribers atop that existing list.The Wizard Autoresponder also comes with a standard 60-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t happy with the results, simply request your money back at any time.