The Web Traffic Machines is a new software designed, created, and is now marketed by Bishop Anders. The basic idea behind this software is the generation of free traffic by the thousands using the tools it is equipped with to do so.

Why is there a huge importance placed in the generation of traffic for online marketing success? Online traffic is important for the following reasons: (1) it places your product or service on top of huge search engines such Google and Yahoo! making your website top ranking in the results page, (2) it shows that many people know your service or product that is why there are many people that visit the site, and (3) the product or service you sell is trustworthy. However, a huge problem is posed by the idea that online traffic is hard to generate, as there are a lot of competitors in the market today. In addition, the entire process can be quite difficult to understand, as terms such as backlinks and forum posting must be understood.

This is where the Web Traffic Machines comes in. It is a specially designed tool that allows you to drive free traffic into your site by the thousands with tools that it is equipped with. Inside the software, there are tools that lets you tackle the different aspects of free traffic ranging from video traffic, tag and ping, news group traffic, banners, forums marketing, article submission, directory submissions, and etc. In addition, some other tools include:

Video Traffic Machine that lets you post top 30 videos to top sites for much needed backlinks and increase traffic flow back to your site.
Tag and Ping Traffic Machine that helps in blogging traffic in order to increase exposure and website credibility.
Forum Traffic Machine where the software immediately signs up for you in forums and you can post to these forums without having to take the laborious task of posting your site link as this will be done for you automatically.
Directory Traffic Machine lets you choose top directories for good quality back links to increase traffic and decrease need for outsourcing.
Image Traffic Machine lets you post quality images to quality sites for traffic generated in the side lines.
Video Pop-in Traffic Machine is a tool that will help you post good video pop ins to top sites with backlinks directed to your site.

In addition, other listed tools are the “VC” Traffic Machine, Anonymous Traffic Machine, Classifieds Traffic Machine, Drupal Traffic Machine, ICQ Traffic Machine, Shoutbox Traffic Machine, Stealth Banner Machine, Toolbar Traffic Machine, AQL Traffic Machine, and VooDoo Traffic Machine. The membership costs 97 US Dollars but has an available trial period of 10 days for only $37 under eight weeks money back guarantee.