Underground Traffic Blueprints System is a 4-Phase system, including video’s that gives you all the ‘inside’ information, teaches you the strategies and the ‘how to’s’ that are used by top Internet Marketers to funnel and stream large amounts of traffic to your website, or any other site you choose. The system designed and marketed by Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason has been proven with sites using this system amassing unheard of traffic numbers in droves which then convert to sales.

The basis of Underground Traffic Blueprints is to teach you how to leverage paid for and free advertising and how to apply the systems strategies, which are easily understood. These strategies are ‘Underground ‘Grey Hat strategies’ all tried and tested and used as we ‘speak’.

This system is a home study course and from Phase 1 through to Phase 4 you will learn via four sets of 3 per phase videos making this a 12 step teaching program where you can drive extreme numbers of traffic to your site and to other sites by studying the following strategies:

Phase 1 – consist of three videos – 1) Underground Adwords Blueprint. This video teaches you how to see Adwords in a completely different light. Strategies that are learnt with just this first phase will cover the full cost of this course within the first hour of beginning your next campaign. 2) Article Marketing Blueprint. Users of this extreme article marketing tool generate $50 per month, proven. 3) 8 Million Visitors Blueprint. Yes, you read correctly, 8 million visitors from just one blog. Strategies learnt here will teach you how to do this effectively.

Phase 2 – also consists of 3 videos that will all teach you the Underground Social Traffic Blueprint. Using social networks to funnel hundreds of thousands of social media users from Facebook injected into your sales funnel fast. This phase also tells you where to find the tools and how to use them. The Bootstrap method is shown, and self-building backlinks, plus much, much more.

Phase 3- The Underground SEO Blueprint, here you will learn the secrets behind dominating entire Google pages, by using these tactics to rank for the correct keywords and pull in the traffic that will convert into customers who pay cash with an 8 step formulae that lands you 4 places on the front page of Google and to leverage one article for an avalanche of traffic. This will teach you what to do and what not to do as well.

Phase 4 – Underground Massive Traffic Blueprints. Here you can learn how to drive massive amounts of specifically targeted traffic to any website of your choice. How to and where to buy traffic for pennies on the dollar. Instant traffic tool, and time and money saving strategies and advice. Boost your profits in a short amount of time. Tools and resources included plus a free research tool too.

You do not have to be an internet guru, or even a computer boffin, all you need is to be able to read and follow the instructions and strategies to have tons of traffic parking on your website or any other site of your choice.

The team of Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason are so assured of their Underground Traffic Blueprints System they guarantee to refund your money after 60 days if you are not satisfied with the results obtained from their system. So far no one has taken them up on this offer.