The Ultra Marketing Marathon was created and marketed by internet entrepreneur Tellman Knudson with the idea of helping beginners who earn less than $5,000 a month online to earn more by simply sending emails to customers.

To explain more on how this system works, all you have to do is install the system into your computer once you purchase it, do some minor revisions and customizations according to your pick, and send emails to begin generating a positive cash flow. The primary idea is to send emails to target customers, these are customers who actually read your email and purchase whatever product you are lobbying, in order to make sales and get real cash. This is fit for people who have no product to sell in mind, no business plan, no idea on websites or even own one, and no knowledge on how to channel internet traffic.

There are three steps on how the system works to make money: Step 1 is making a targeted list of potential customers, Step 2 is automating your list to generate a larger list of customers, and Step 3 is using Knudson’s 2-Step Traffic System to build this needed list(s). There are a few requirements on the users part to make this scheme work: you have to spend at least a couple of hours a week to make this work, it is vital you watch the 10 step-by-step videos made by the creator of the product (these are known as the Money Making Laws), update the site as you desire once its set up, and have faith that the system works just by sending emails. All these can be done in less than 24 hours from the beginning purchase of the product.

What are these Money Making Laws presented and offered by Send Email Make Money System? Law 1 delineates what to focus on the internet market today, such as what products are selling well in the market; Law 2 teaches on how to use the auto responder system so that your site will be fully automated and will require only minor upkeep; Law 3 discusses on how to pick a good domain name and hosting account from hosting companies that actually work; Law 4 teaches you on how to use a squeeze page for list building in an auto pilot mode; Law 5 discusses on how to make sales to your growing niche or list without actually having any product on hand; and Law 6 divulges the secrets to sending correct emails that actually work and get the buyers’ attention for them to make a purchase. Laws 7 to 10 are not discussed and kept confidential, but these are only available for those who will purchase the product. Mainly, they discuss on how to use the Best 2 Traffic generators on the online market that the creator freely shares.

This product, the Send Email Make Money System, is sold for an affordable price of $37 with a 60 day money back guarantee.