Traffic Voodoo 2.0 is an upgrade of Traffic Voodoo by Jeff Johnson. This is a membership site that offers help and training to get you the traffic you’ve always wanted to bring in the waves of profit. This training course will teach you how to generate massive traffic to your sites. This course will also teach you how to monetize the traffic that you’re going to drive in aside from the SEO and traffic driving techniques. This downloadable training course will run for 7 weeks using live video training modules.

The course may be divided into two categories: the part on how to drive traffic from search engines and the part on building strong traffic from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These areas are the best tools to making traffic for internet businesses. This package also teaches you how to register and configure a domain name, register and configure web hosting, set up and installation of WordPress and its plug-ins as well as basic knowledge on WordPress.

Traffic Voodoo will teach you how to generate traffic and earn money from them. This is the whole package’s theme. The first two videos are all about traffic generation techniques, the third video talks about how to convert traffic and the fourth is about social media traffic. Week 5 video will show you how-to strategies on instant traffic generation such as pay per view and pay per click. Day 6 and 7 are about traffic generation and instant affiliate traffic. Week 7 shows you techniques on effective list building.

The training package will also include materials from trusted expert marketers in this field. Marketers such as Frank Kern will teach you how to build email lists through his list building course. Ryan and Jeff Ringold are experts in putting a newbie into business and help him on his ladder up to success. Jeff Walker will train you how to make money as an affiliate and produce successful launches. Leslie Rhode and Dan Thiss show you how to move your way up to rank as one of the highest in search engines for maximum marketing results. Other guests include Arnel Ricafranca, Gauher Chaudry, and Anik Singal who will all give expert and useful advice about getting big bucks on marketing.

Traffic Voodoo is for those who want to earn a lot of money with their internet businesses without the hassle of paying for traffic. This course helps you with free traffic and internet marketing. It is a developed and tested program that has become very popular and is selling like hotcakes because of the reputation of the developer and the success of his previous releases. This course on traffic generation and monetizing the traffic is available for $1,997. It doesn’t come cheap so this course is only for those who are truly willing to learn and for those who are serious about making money with the system. It comes with a no-questions asked 60-day money back guarantee. The website is constantly updated with latest improvements on the system and members have full access to everything that Jeff Johnson has to offer.