The Income code is a set of videos structured and developed by Michael Jones offering the most effective techniques to generate high level of income online. Michael Jones starts with a very convincing pitch and shows high income figures generate through his Clickbank account.

If you are thinking that this is another one those affiliate marketing programs then you are wrong. In fact the key selling point of Income Code is instead of making few bucks every day by working for someone else as an affiliate you can start your own online business and earn 100% of profit margins. Michael Jones starts narrates his own story and discloses his own experience.

The Income Code teaches you strategies through which you can earn high level of income by starting you own online info product. According to the program your income level does not just limit to small sale commission instead you end up keeping the whole profits from the sale yourself.

The videos offered by Income Code explains how to search for and screen a high demand product and have an online platform of your own to sell it in a very little time. This program introduces a very simple way to earn huge bunch of cash instead of indulging yourself into long hard work.

This is not it, Michael Jones shares the secret of increasing your profits by teaching you to sell and market free, dirt and cheap products. You get to learn the top six high activity niches in the marketing world which you can target to sell your online info product and the system also teaches you how to structure and develop a product on budget of less than $100.

By learning all the techniques and methods offered by Income Code you finally learn how to make huge amount of money from a cheaper product. The videos also share the valuable secret of not only getting high traffic but the relevant buyers to your site.

According to Michael Jones the whole program actually costs around $997. For introduction and he decided to reduce the price to $497 but the next part is more shocking you can experience the benefits of the Income Code for just $4.95 for first four days as a trail and still if you don’t like you have no obligation.

The key selling point over here is that if you fail to generate money by following the steps described the program in the first four days you have no obligation further the most promising aspect is the 100% cast iron money back guarantee.

The 100% Money Back guarantee is applicable at any time even when you sign up on monthly basis for $67.95 after your trail period. You can call for a refund in trial or at any time without giving any reason.