The Clickbank Code is the latest product released by Michael Jones. It follows a line of other known products such as The eBay Code, and Torrential Traffic Tactics. The Clickbank Code is a blueprint on how to earn lots of cash through the power of ClickBank. ClickBank is a profitable industry where affiliate sales can be done and money can be earned by selling the products of others and collecting commissions for it. But in order to succeed, there is a need to get affiliates and create sites that people can actually be convinced to purchase from.

This system has been proven effective as Jones himself used the Clickbank Code for just a few months and generated at least $40,000 from it. What is then inside this code? It is a simple blue print comprised of step by step videos that span for five hours: 28 videos that teach the basics on how to start a ClickBank business, create landing pages, generate immense traffic, and make sales. In detail, you get the following benefits:

Techniques to maximize traffic for your site through combining SEO and PPC;
Get ways how to access templates that are offered for free so that you can use them for your landing pages;
Learn outsourcing techniques and auto pilot management;
Learn recovery of Google slaps;
Learn how to set up your very own landing page that generates high Adwords quality scores;
Ways to increase quality scores through cheap clicks that your site needs;
What to remember before product promotion;
Access to a website that is exclusive for members that has ClickBank products to promote;
Learn how to deal with the affiliate business;
Use long tail key words to increase profits; and
Get to understand how to generate traffic for free to affiliate offers and make great sales.

The product is sold for $77 with other bonuses: rights to niche navigator; learn how to use niche and earn from them, and label rights to Twitter Treasure Chest (sell a good product and keep the profits). If you don’t like the product, you can simply drop an email and ask for your money back as you are protected under a 60 days money back guarantee.

The Clickbank Code is a great way to learn how to start and manage an affiliate business. True there is no real easy gold mine on how to earn money, but with persistence and hard work, and the use of the techniques and blue print provided here, anyone could be on their way to online success and financial freedom. It is a great product to try and there is absolutely nothing one would lose by doing this program.