The Amazing Widget is an online widget that you can use to instantly generate income over the internet. The product is promoted by Bryan Winters. The Amazing Widget is ideal for beginners who have no previous experience in internet marketing or doesn’t know anything about website building. It also does not require you to know anything about SEO, PPC or any other online marketing technique. The Amazing Widget is an independent software program that you can use to help you generate income over the internet.

The Amazing Widget is the solution for people who do not want to invest their time in learning traditional online marketing strategies. For only three minutes, you will understand and learn the widget and start using it to start earning money online. According to Bryan, you only need at least 15 minutes a day to spend on tweaking The Amazing Widget. As time goes on, it will also automate the whole process giving you more time to concentrate on other things. The Amazing Widget does not require you to have a product, and you can target any niche you want. Aside from this, the tweaking of
the widget does not require any computer coding or any other technical skill.

The Amazing Widget is composed of several areas that you can use in your internet marketing. First, it has a Top Ad section where you can easily put in any image ad that you want. You can add text, videos or audio recordings at the bottom of the widget, giving you all the necessary marketing schemes that are used by most online marketers today.
The Amazing Widget has another neat feature that marketers may find very helpful. The widget has its own viral backend system that utilizes and rotates affiliate links of each member that is based on a referral program. That means when you start using your widget, you are not only advertising for yourself but for other affiliates as well. As time goes on, your affiliate links are automatically added to other Amazing Widget users, giving you a passive source of online income.

You will also be given a series of steps that you can follow on how you can utilize The Amazing Widget to its fullest. When you purchase The Amazing Widget you will also be given step by step guides on how to make other people place your widget on their websites.

The Amazing Widget costs $37 per month, but offers a 5-day trial for$5. After five days and you feel the program is worth it, you will be billed for $37 each month that you continue to subscribe to the system. A 60-days money back guarantee is also offered together with the purchase.