The Super Affiliate Handbook is a step by step guide that will teach anyone how to make money online through affiliate marketing. Rosalind Gardner, the author of the Super Affiliate Handbook, is also a resource speaker on various affiliate marketing seminars. The Super Affiliate Handbook is advisable to everyone and especially to people who are just starting in the affiliate marketing business. Aside from this, Rosalind is also ‘walking the talk’ as she uses her own affiliate sites to teach and prove that her strategies really work.

The Super Affiliate Handbook tackles every nook and cranny that affiliate marketing has. The handbook is comprised of more than 220 pages of tips and lessons regarding affiliate marketing and also gives a list of working affiliate sites that anyone can check out for proof. It will also teach you strategies on how to start your affiliate marketing business with little money, time and effort. Since the handbook discusses everything about affiliate marketing, you will get lessons such as a 5-step overview on how to build your business online and how to avoid the top 25 mistakes that affiliate marketers make.

After the initial lessons on how to start your online business right, you will get tips on how to make a website that drives heavy traffic to help you in your affiliate marketing. It will also teach how you can manage your affiliate site and use the handbook’s 29 ways to optimize your website for affiliate marketing.

The Super Affiliate Handbook will also teach you how to analyze an affiliate niche and check it for profitability. This is a good step to learn since you will see what market can give you some profit even before you promote its niche. There are also tips on where you can find free software that will help you in your affiliate marketing campaign. Another good tip included in the book that most affiliate marketing guides don’t have is the lesson on how you can negotiate your commissions and to stop other people from stealing your commissions.

Since you have covered the basic steps in building your website, choosing your product and researching your market, the Affiliate Handbook will then teach you how to promote your website through newsletters and forums. You don’t have to worry on how these things will be executed since the book will teach you everything in a step by step manner. The Super Affiliate Handbook has been tried and tested that today it is being stocked in libraries and included in College and University courses for ecommerce.

You can purchase The Super Affiliate Handbook at $47.00. When you purchase the handbook you will also get an exclusive access to the Super Affiliate Handbook companion site and blog. You will also get a big discount if you want to contact the author through phone consultation. The Super Affiliate Handbook has a 56 days money back guarantee with no questions ask.