The Squeeze page Generator by Leon Klepfish is an application software that claims to be able to turn transform your website into a high-profit site in a matter of five minutes. This software program automatically creates squeeze pages that will help in building lists and maximize your marketing strategies to gain more profit.

A squeeze page is an introductory page to a website that funnels the visitors into interested customers, collecting emails from these customers for list building, and uses each customer’s information to personalize the service each customer gets. Using this type of marketing strategy, you are sure to get more conversions and of course, more profit. The squeeze pager can help you personalize marketing letters or emails at the same time save you hours from tedious and manual list building.

Unfortunately, squeeze pages are hard to make. You will need to be an expert in HTML or programming to be able to make a functioning and effective squeeze page. This is where the Squeeze Page Generator comes in. This program can boost your site in mere four clicks. With this, you will be able to collect information for building a list, follow up on potential customers, personalize your site for the convenience of every customer, and be able to put up a squeeze page on whatever site you have in less than five minutes.

Step one in making a squeeze page is choosing a template. The software program has four professionally designed squeeze page templates for you to choose from. These templates can still be customizable later on if you want. The second step is typing in the autoresponder where you want to receive the collected information from your visitors. Step three is selecting your main sales letter. This sales letter is the one where you can personalize with the name of your customer and other details that you wish to include. The last and the fourth click will be for the “Generate Squeeze page” button. After these four steps and a minimum of four clicks of the mouse, you have your very own squeeze page ready to help you roll in the money.

This program is fully customizable and very easy to use. The templates are professionally designed and with just a wee bit more of your imagination, these squeeze pages could well be the best customer service experience any visitor or client your site may have. It works for any niche or market area you are working on. This program is available for $67 with a 60 day money back guarantee. It also comes with bonuses such as the Buy Impulse eBook about how to get customers spend their money more frequently, 30-minute Marketing Miracle audio coaching sessions that will turn you into a marketing success, and the 10 Steps to Killer Web copy eBook with audio that teaches you step y step formulas of creating web copy from a copywriting guru. All these for a risk free $67 dollars. Should you have any dissatisfaction the creator will give back your investment 100%.