Simple PHP is a PHP training eBook created by Robert Plank. Robert is most popularly known for founding Jumpx. Simple PHP will teach you how to effectively use interactive PHP code on your site or blog. Through an intuitive eBook, Robert covers the basics of how to learn and implement popular PHP scripts and how to diagnose problems.

Simple PHP is written for those website or blog owners that would like to understand PHP but don’t plan to become instant experts. Simple PHP covers the basics of PHP, including how to customize any page, modifying existing .htacess files or creating them from scratch, how to use PHP and Java together, as well as how to create code to create games or quizzes on your own.

Unlocking the potential of PHP is a necessity for most serious internet marketing entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how to modify thousands of existing PHP scripts to make your life easier. From the very start of Simple PHP you’ll begin to implement it’s magic.

The Simple PHP training eBook is broken down into 17 different chapters. Each chapter covering fundamentals of PHP and how you can begin to apply it immediately. Outsourcing programming can be extremely expensive, especially if you don’t have the understanding of how PHP code works or what to expect from a programmer. Simple PHP will help all entrepreneurs by identifying what to look for and what to expect from not only the code that drives your websites, but also how to properly work with outsourced programmers.

You’ll learn how to install CGI and PHP scripts via in depth video instructions so that they can get up and running on your website in little to no time. As an added bonus, and for instructional reasons you will be given five scripts that can be used on your website, free of charge. These five scripts are:

Turbo Content

Simple PHP comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This makes using Simple PHP absolutely risk free! If you don’t learn a thing, or can’t implement PHP code after using Simple PHP, simply request your money back.