ShoeMoney System was created by Jeremy Schoemaker, who is renowned for his internet marketing success by using Google Adsense. The ShoeMoney system is actually presented as guide, where you can learn how to earn several hundred dollars a day using your Adsense account. It includes training modules, videos and audio tutorials which would guide you every step of the way.

The ShoeMoney System offers a step-by-step guide and not just the theories in making money online. If you sign up for membership, you will be involved in the system for a whole year. You would get daily updates and instructions. The teaching methods would greatly benefit beginners, as Jeremy himself gives you specific instructions including how to fill up some forms you might need to create your account, how to find your niche and so on.

If you are the type who have just learned that there is a way to earn online and to get rich by working online but are still in the process of finding out the ins and outs of internet marketing, this would be very beneficial for you. If you are lucky enough to be part of the first 500 people to join, you would receive $2,500 worth of credits and coupons for advertising that you can use in Google, Yahoo, MSN, My Ads, Facebook, Azoogle and other sites.

The Shoemoney system also includes the following:

Video tutorials created by Jeremy Schoemaker. A member would have access to a hundred hours or more of these full-length videos. The videos show Jeremy Schoemaker’s screen, so that you can see what he is doing, and you would hear his voice telling you what you need to do and explaining some key concepts while he’s at it.
Member’s video library and progress tracker so you can check on previous videos if you think you missed something. New videos are released once every three days.
Interviews with several affiliate marketers and other successful people where they give tips and methods in succeeding in this business.
Tools that you would need for your internet business, including those that are specifically designed for the Shoemoney system and other third party tools.
Niche ideas and other techniques in searching for niche markets. This also includes what keywords that you ought to be using for higher conversion.
Creative banners and effective ads that you can use for your niche.
Audio files, such as mp3 and podcasts, of all interviews, discussions and guides he created.
Membership in Mastermind forums.
Live coaching from Jeremy Schoemaker for four hours.

The following are the modules you would have to go through to learn about internet marketing the Shoemoney System way:

Let’s Get Started Module – includes mind setting for success, descriptions, definitions and acronyms being used in online business.
Arbitrage Module – described as the groundwork in making money online.
Affiliate Marketing Module – where he gives a step-by-step lecture on how to become an affiliate marketer.
Making Money with Facebook
Building a Brand – this would detail how you can make your brand successful.
Building a List
Local Affiliate Marketing
Building Your Own Product
Search Engine Optimization – this includes learning about Ninja SEO techniques and company case studies.
Bonus Module – includes blog advertising, auctioning ads and more.
Home Study Guide

All these are included for $497.00 one-time charge. The Shoemoney System offers a 60-day money back guarantee of 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product.