Internet Marketer Jeff Dedrick, creator of Send Button Profits, has created an exclusive membership site that focuses on email marketing and opt-in list building techniques. The membership website offers courses designed to teach marketers how to effectively build email opt-in lists for any niche that you may want. Building your opt-in list is only the beginning of Send Button Profits, you’ll also learn step by step on how to bring those lists to daily profits.

Send Button Profits course is actually free, with the exception of a nominal shipping and handling fee. The real value though is with Send Button Profits membership website, with your free instructional CD course you’ll receive a free month to his membership website.

Send Button Profits will teach you the ins and outs of developing a large, and highly targeted opt-in email list. You’ll learn how to optimize your profits with each mailing as well as tips and tricks for developing proper engagement. You’ll learn the intervals for emailing, how to fully automate the process, and how to develop rapport through emails.

You’ll learn advanced methods of working with psychological triggers that elicit response and action on emails and your lead generation pages. As a master email marketer you’ll learn advanced methods on how to share lists with similar marketers or even sell your highly targeted opt-in lists. As a member of Send Button Profits you’ll have direct access to updates on the programs courses, the tools, and the ability to use their member only forums.