Search Engine Wizard is a type of SEO software that helps its users with search engine optimization. This software includes such features as keyword research, page optimization reports , backlinks evaluation, competitor spying, ranking checks, link partners, latest blog follow commentary for easily finding keyword based blogs as well as search engine and directory submission tools. These are all tools that a user is likely to need in order to optimize his or her website for the search engines. This software has three versions; trial, standard and enterprise. All of them can be purchased from the Search Engine Wizard website as well as the trial version available for free. The standard version is more suitable for small businesses in order to promote themselves, where as the enterprise version is targeted for professional SEO’s and webmasters.

Search Engine Wizard is the complete package of tools necessary for the webmasters to promote a site to the users by optimizing it for the search engines. All the versions of the software contain the necessary tools to make a search engine marketing strategy a success. There are a lot of SEO softwares out there that uses unethical means to optimize the site and trick users, Search Engine Wizard stays clear of such techniques and only uses legitimate methods to get the job done. Compared to the other SEO software the Search Engine Wizard is also relatively inexpensive and user friendly. One of this software’s main features is its on-page report, which guides the users to create the web pages that are more visible to the search engines. It generates the keywords that will help place the pages at the beginning of the search pages and all the users has to do is create a web page surrounding the generated keyword. This software can also integrate with Google to increase the websites chances of getting a hit and it can also find similar pages on the web so the user can partner with them and create links to each others pages, which would increase traffic. The software helps create and manage the links as well. However, the best feature of the Search Engine Wizard is that it allows the user to compare their pages with their competitors, by ranking all the pages that uses the user’s keywords. This allows the users to make changes, if necessary, to their site in order to beat the competition.

As mentioned, the Search Engine Wizard has three versions; trial, standard and enterprise. The trial version can be downloaded for free, where as the standard version would cost the buyer $97 and the enterprise version $137. Both versions come with a 60 day money back guarantee. If a user, who has already purchased the standard version, decides to switch to the enterprise version, he does not have to spend $137 to buy it. He can simply upgrade the standard version to the enterprise version for $40.