Sacred Email Marketing Secrets is an email marketing training course by Joey Kissimee. This is a four-week course that will teach you all the tips, techniques, strategies and secrets for email marketin. The course claims to be able to increase your conversions, triple your click through rates, and double you open rates.

The four week course is divided into modules on a one per week basis. Week one is all about email marketing essentials. It talks about understanding your leads, prospects and customers, the different traffic that you could reel in to convert to sales, the quality of leads and the quantity of leads, plus the essentials of a successful email marketing campaign. Module two will be about squeeze pages. You will learn about effective and catchy squeeze pages that will increase your sales conversions like crazy. The dos and donts of squeeze pages will be thorougly explained. The right time and place to use certain squeeze pages and the types of squeeze pages that you should never use if you want to get profit. You will also be given secrets to blogging for optins and exact templates that you can begin using right away.

Week three is all about persuasive subjects and bodies. You will learn how to write persuasive subjects that will hook your readers into clicking and reading your articles. You will also learn how to write persuasive emails that will help you sell your products as well how to write the links that will bring your readers to landing pages of your choice. Aside from emails and articles, you will also be taught how to use persuasive images to boost the appeal of your marketing strategy. This third module is the meatiest and the juiciest of the training. This part is critical to convert visitors and lists to sales and continuing profiting from each and every visitor.

The fourth and final module deals with advanced sacred techniques wherein you will learn advanced strategies in email marketing. The tips and tricks done with email messaging system and the things that you can do with your autoresponders will also be part of the discussion in week four. This module will help you define yourself as an email marketer. The creator is confident that his product can turn around your email marketing business into a powerhouse of profit for you. All your dreams and financial aspirations may be achieved using this training course’ techniques and secrets.

Joey Kissimee offers his Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Training course at a price of $97. He will also allow you to undergo the whole training program and still give you a 100% 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. You can even keep the knowledge and the course that you bought. This is technically a no risk purchase. If you have the time and the money to try out an innovative and meaty training course such as this, then there is nothing to lose and a lot more to gain if it works out for you. Once you decide to navigate away from the page, you will be given a chance to try a 4-day formula to increase your profits. this extra add-on may also be worth a try.