Realtime Affiliate is a company by Tom Deeter that recruits members and shares with them secrets on how to make real time money online. According to this website, making money online is as easy as following just two steps. The modules for this program will teach you easy and practical ways to earn money in the internet.

It is a company with compelling methods that attract members to start up an internet business. The first of the two QuickStart modules will show you the basics on strategy and set up of marketing campaigns. Along with these are some techniques on setting up successful realtime marketing campaigns. Becoming a realtime affiliate will make you sell and earn profit your very first day.

There are two steps on making money through Realtime Afffiliate. Social networks and websites are flooding with prospectful buyers and free traffic. These social networking sites are going to be one of the places where there are ready to buy prospects and people who need help and friendly advice. This is where you, as a realtime affiliate, come in. The company will show you how to find these prospect buyers who are willing to open up their wallets for you and the lucrative niches that are sure to bring you a high conversion of visitors to buyers.

Step two is connecting to these prospect buyers or people in need. Giving them advice and suggesting products to them is easy most especially if you know the right way and strategies to do so. The company will help you by giving you the techniques and the strategies to be an effective counselor to those people in the web who need second opinions and instruction about the product they intend to buy. Sharing your advice and an affiliate link could earn you money and a lot of gratitude from the customer you helped. The company will teach you how to find these kinds of people on the internet and show you how your simple words can bring you income right from the comfort of your home.

You will get paid just for helping out these prospect customers. With the strategies and the intelligent software to equip you, selecting and connecting with these available prospects in a day is how you are going to make profit. There will also be optimization tactics to improve your earnings. You will be given options to outsource and expand your affiliate marketing business.

The whole package offered will consist of Adobe Air, it will help you with work through live updates whenever you get a click or whenever you get searched, you will be able to schedule and queue batches of tweets to publish at any interval, plus manage multiple Twitter accounts. All these plus the training and the modules may be acquired through registration at the website. There will be a membership fee of $147 with a 60 day money back guarantee that is sure to help you try out the product first before doing this type of work for along time.