Banner advertising has been one of the oldest forms of online advertising ever used by man. Despite the critics, it is still widely used and remains to be a great source of online traffic. Mr. Eric Rockefeller would also like to support this notion by introducing his latest creation, the Quick Cash Concept. The Quick Cash Concept is an internet marketing course about advertising by using image ads. It shows you how to advertise and attract more customers with only, at most, four places to advertise online.

This system operates on and revolves around demographics. Demographics allows you to target gender, age, ethnicity, geographic location, and even people’s habits and lifestyles. Demographics helps you in directing online traffic, most specifically, to your product in the online marketing business. In this program, Quick Cash Concept teaches you how to use demographics to advertise on various networks such as Facebook, MyAds, Plenty of Fish, and Google. It also teaches you how to build a list, how to generate traffic, and on top of it all, how to make money doing it.

The Quick Cash Concept is one of the best methods of promoting products or anything you’d like to sell online. This method is the best way of focusing banner promotion for your earnings. Research shows that search engines and search traffic is only 25% of the overall internet traffic. It has been observed that when people look for something of interest, not only do they type the keywords and click search but they also go to their favorite websites to get timely information. This can be exemplified in favorite websites such as Facebook or other similar social networks and media websites. With the increasing amount of subscribers on these networks, it goes to show that there is a whole world of endless possibilities regarding advertising outside of search engines alone. But in order to drive traffic, the quickest and simplest way would be to use the concept of demographics. This is where the Quick Cash Concept course comes in.

The basic concepts in the modules of this product go into great detail on how to tackle aspects in demographics as it is deemed very important. Quick Cash Concept shows you how to advertise using image ads to only four places on the internet. The entire course will consist of ten modules: There will be a module on how to join CPA networks. It shows you how to choose CPA offers for promotion. Demographics will be tackled using Quantcast and AdPlanner and many more. The course also includes case studies and live webinars with Mr. Eric Rockefeller himself. All these at a one time purchase of 37 US Dollars and a money back guarantee of 60 days.