The Project Site Flip 2.0 is the brainchild product of Steve Tenpenny and Matt Benwell. It is a second release from the original and is seen as more effective and lucrative than the previous version. The plug in has been designed for both newbie website sellers and a seasoned online marketers. The idea behind this is to create top quality websites, make them popular, and then sell them to top marketers for profit.

But first, what is website flipping? In a more detailed explanation, website flipping is a marketing strategy to earn without selling an actual product. With the increasing demand on online marketing, internet geniuses make money by creating lucrative websites (or buy non profitable and inexpensive old ones), populate them (that is make them famous by putting them atop search engines and generating a large number of followers), and then selling them to eager marketers to make money. The idea is never to own or have a website long enough, just make it hot on the market, then “flip” it (or in this case, sell it to the top marketer).

What does Project Site Flip 2.0 do? It will show you on how to: (1) pick the correct sites to flip, (2) find buyers that pay big time and learn how to sell well, (3) earn even if you haven’t flipped your sites yet, and (4) use this strategy to continually earn money and not just a one time secret.

The package is sold for $37 with a 60 day money back guarantee. Inside, you will find a 51 page eBook, eight videos that serve as a live tutorial guide, and a bonus package. The bonus is a 350 MB of PLR articles to use on your newly acquired sites (sites Steve has made for you as a beginner) and an eBook titled The Ultimate Guide to Selling as well as a video tutorial (on a website) called Inbound Link Builder.

Inside the first ebook, the author tells you in a simple way the basics of site flipping before heading to the more detailed difficult facts. He doesn’t overwhelm you with tons of information, rather he lets you feel the flow of the story so you stay interested and achieve various short term and long term goals. Later on, he will show you on how to buy cheaper existing websites for sale, tweak them a little, populate them with viewers and visitors, and sell them to the highest bidder in the market for a more expensive price. If you think this is too hard to do, videos are included into the ebook so that you can see how the actual thing is really done.

Project Site Flip 2.0 is a nice and effective way to earn money without much hassle and effort. It comes with the standard 60-day money back guarantee, thus assuring if you can’t make money or find some use then you could ask for your money back.