Created by Jaime Lewis, Profit Miracle is an automated system that prides itself on its ability to help budding online marketers or online enthusiast promote their product and increase sales daily by generating large amounts of internet traffic while being within the top 10 in the search engines.

Primarily, the main idea is to help online marketers who have no idea whatsoever in traffic flow generation and website advertisement make it big in their business through using software that does everything for them and only requires a few tweaks and clicks of a mouse button. The concept they lobby is using “campaigns” or trusted tools to generate needed internet traffic. The main features of the product are the following: (1) tried and tested niches that are high in demand and promote high website traffic are offered to its users, (2) there are over 60 niches to choose from that are obscured for website use, (3) teach which outlets that are free that promote your chosen niche as well as stay away from the ones that don’t actually work, (4) no research required as the software will do everything for you, (5) unlimited number of campaigns using technology that is of artificial intelligence, (6) create ads without coding or copy/paste, just choose and click, (7) delineate which services that will effectively double your return of investment so that you can choose the best campaigns that will work for you, (8) provide tips to prevent saturation and competition from other marketers, and (9) shows ways to increase profit greatly.

Profit Miracle is sold for $77, which is reduced from the original price of $99. In addition to the software, programs are given to the user 50 campaigns that are free traffic are given along with an e-book on Profit Miracle for website domination over competitors. As well as nine different strategy videos to help increase profit, and an artificial content creator that will create your articles while eliminating the need for typing. In addition, an informative collection of videos for internet marketers are included that works well with your software for application of your newly received knowledge. These videos include marketing blueprints, campaigns, submissions on articles, landing page creations, use of online forums as a way to generate income, how to optimize websites for search engines, and how to master pay per click or Adwords advertising. Also, they offer a free video on affiliate marketing, an e-book on marketing information, and another set of videos teaching on how to increase internet traffic on your website that are free – an advantage against other marketing competitors.

Profit Miracle has 60 day money back guarantee so that the user can return the product and have full payment return in case that satisfaction was not achieved as promised.