Pop Up Domination 2.0 was created and marketed by Michael Dunlop and James Deer as a second sequel to Pop Up Domination 1.0. The product is actually an installable plug in that will help people with no idea or knowledge whatsoever in pop up creation to create professional looking pop-ups on their websites so that interested site visitors can input their contact information especially their emails so that they can be added to the individuals’ mailing list. The larger one’s mailing list, the greater opportunity for sales and more visitors, and of course, an increase in profit as well.

So what does Pop Up Domination 2.0 do? It will triple one’s mailing list to a maximum of 304%, increase opt-in rate (the rate at which people actually input their contact information), and learn how to get incomes as high as six figures just with the use of your mailing list through a bonus presentation. The package offers the following features: four highly converting themes to create pop ups that have a light box look, 15 colors to choose from for light boxes as well as an advanced color palette if you want to experiment as well as have the freedom to input all CCS or codes, supports any email provider ranging from Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact and etc., change all texts in the light box to be as customized as you desire, an ability to choose how often the light box is to be displayed, at what point on page load it should show up (either instantly or a few seconds after), an instructional video on how to install the program and use the plug in, and a free monthly release of new template packs that you can use for your websites. The entire process of creating pop ups is simplified to be created in two minutes which would normally require another person using more primitive methods a couple of hours.

The Pop Up Domination 2.0 is sold for $47 and can be purchased using major credit or debit cards such and trusted payment methods such as PayPal. The package is under a 60 day money back guarantee so that when an individual who purchased the product does not see any results within the next two months, an email can be sent to their official website requesting for a refund and this can be easily given – no questions asked. The Pop Up Domination 2.0 is a great plug in to use to create professional looking pop ups that will definitely increase opt in rate, meaning more visitors, a longer mailing list, more customers, and definitely more sales. It’s an easy way to get results without doing back breaking work or having any prior knowledge on pop up generation.