Phantom Link Cloaker was developed and created by Soren Jordansen, Cindy Battye and John Merrick. Internet marketers fall victims of theft regularly, from content to whole landing pages. Phantom Link Cloaker is a script created to help affiliate marketers protect their affiliate links. This helps internet marketers protect their intellectual property while maximizing their profits.

According to a statistic, affiliates experience a loss of nearly 20% due to not properly protecting their affiliate links. Intelligent shopers and other affiliates will simply do what they can to get around affiliate links. Phantom Link Cloaker was created to eliminate this issue that affiliates face.

When utilizing Phantom Link Cloaker it will transform your ugly, affiliate links with clean URLs such as The beauty of Phantom Link Cloaker is that you can label the folders or names anyway that you want. You could have links look like this instead;

Phantom Link Cloaker helps clean up your URLs, which will help with buyers confidence as well. For example, most typical affiliate URLs look like this; Now you can transform that to a simple and clean URL.

Phantom Link Cloaker takes it one step further as well. For those more advanced affiliates you have the ability to cookie stuff and create innovative pop ups. Cookies are used to track and monitor affiliate traffic, at times an affiliate may land on a page but not click your affiliate link. Cookie stuffing, which is commonly against most networks TOS, allows you to place that same cookie by having the visitor simply land on the page. Allowing for you to receive the commission if they were to make the purchase at a future date.

You also have the ability to enable pop-ups for visitors. This helps you create another way to market users that have hit your website by offering for them to opt-in to your mailing list, or by offering another product or service.

Phonatom Link Cloaker comes with easy, straight forward install instructions. Making the use of the script easy for anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. Most users can get up and running in minutes.

With Phantom Link Cloaker you have a sixty day, money back guarantee. If you aren’t totally satisfied with the script simply request your money back anytime within the first sixty days.