Paid Surveys Etc is an online money making website that will direct you in finding paid surveys online. The website was established by Michelle Allister. Paid Surveys Etc does not require you to have any website or product to earn money. The time and effort you will spend depends on your patience, and the income you will earn depends on the amount of surveys you will answer.

Ever since the rise of the Internet most of the big companies have turned their attention in exploiting its inexpensiveness to test and promote their products. Surveys, product tests, and focus group discussions thus gained attention as an online strategy for a quick and cheap way to execute their market research. The main thrust of Paid Surveys Etc is to exploit these opportunities and make money by participating in them.

Once you join the Paid Surveys Etc website, you will be able to access a database that offers four different ways to make money online. First are the paid surveys. A typical online survey takes 15 minutes or less to accomplish, often asking you simple questions on how you go about in determining what products to purchase and or how you make decisions when buying items off the market. Once you’re done, you will be paid for the time you gave in answering the company’s question. Companies initiate surveys to help them in their market research, so it’s only logical that they give you some incentive when you help them do this.

The second way you can earn money through Paid Surveys Etc is by participating in focus group discussions. A focus group discussion takes a little longer than the usual surveys since they are more detail oriented and usually requires more time to finish. According to the site these focus group discussions pay a lot better than surveys.

Reviewing movie trailers and previews online is another way to earn income through the Paid Surveys Etc website. After previewing a movie, you will be asked to answer a few yes or no questions and get paid for doing so. The last way where you can earn money through Paid Surveys Etc is by taking in products and testing them. It can be a digital product that you can use on your computer or an actual product that will be sent to you for testing, which you get to keep after the testing is done.

You will also get some bonus content aside from the database that you will be able to access when you join Paid Surveys Etc. The first one is a step by step guide on how you can make money through informational products, and the other one is a guide on how you can make money through different online marketing websites like eBay, affiliate marketing and blogging.

When you visit the website, you will get a pop up window offering 50% off on the product, all you have to do is enter the coupon code posted at the end of the page. Once you enter the code provided the cost for joining Paid Surveys Etc will drop to $34.00. The payment comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.