One Way Links Now is a product that promises to place the user’s website at the front page of the search engine. It does so with the use of back links which according to the creator of this system Brent Sweet is the best way to increase traffic to a website.

The program offers video demonstration of the systems creator using the same product to build one way links to websites and getting his own site at the top of the search page. You will also receive news about little known software that works automatically and creates the back links. It also tells of a form out there in the Internet, which according to the programs creator can provide thousands of viral links without even having to create any content for the site as well as various other methods to build back links to your site. This program claims to be able to create 1000 back links in just 30 to 60 minutes time. This program assures the user that it will be any black hat methods, which will get them banned from the search engines or give them links that won’t even register in search engines eyes. It also claims that it will not take any efforts from the user’s part, that they can complete the whole thing in under 30 minute time and that once the users pay for this system, they wont have to pay for any thing else as all the methods and software that this program will teach the users about are for free. This program claims to be extremely user friendly and easy to use as any user, even the ones with no prior knowledge of these types of program can easily use it.

This program is available to the users for just $67, and it comes with a standard 60 days money back guarantee.