My Article Tools is a new plug in released last July 2010 by Robert Shiloh for the following purposes: decreasing the time to write new articles, spin existing articles, pre format articles so that all you need to do is make a first article, so that you can instantly increase your online traffic in large quantities as well as earn more money online.

One of the great things about this plug in is its easy to use graphic user interface. It makes article writing easy and convenient, such as pre formatting articles according to titles, author names, URL or hop links, resource boxes, and article bodies. One article can be spun 1000 times meaning 1000 seperate and unique articles are created right away without you spending tons of time and effort. It will also generate thousands of back links which will send your website or blog into the top 5% internet traffic generators by internet marketers. When combined with the Unique Article Wizard, it will check for wrong grammar or syntax in your articles, creating flawless articles for you. You can also use the other tools offered such as Article Submission Tool and Article Submission Companies. Why is the My Article Tools important? Search engines like Google will be able to see duplicate content and ban your articles, decreasing exposure time of your back links. That is no good for article back linking and will yield extremely limited results, requiring more and more articles to be submitted. In addition, the software also places the new unique versions generated into the required format of each of the article submission services it supports. For example, just choose which service you want it to be created, whether it’s Unique Article Wizard, Jet Submitter, SEO Linkvine, My Article Network, Article Marketing Automation, or Submit Your Article, click a button, and let it do the article writing for you.

The entire package is sold for $7 as a 7 day trial version. If you find that this service is quite useful to you, then you can continue membership by paying a low rate of $47 per month. In case that the service is still not what you are looking for, cancellation of membership is allowable and granted, no questions asked.

The online market is home to many prospective employers. Thousands of marketers are in need of fluent writers, and competition is high as other companies dominate by the sheer number of article writers that they have. If you are a small time online marketer wanting to make it big, or a writer that writes too much and receiving such as low pay, then the My Article Tools is perfect for you. You can now earn more by writing less, without compromising quality.

As stated above My Article Tools comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t totally satisfied with your results, simply request your money back at any time.