Multi Profit Websites is a unique web building and money generating business tool, designed and marketed by John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. Marketed as the world’s most versatile, easiest, and fastest point and click website builder that allows you build multi profit websites, in whatever niche you like and these bring in multi streams of fast cash and as much as 70% commissions to promote products owned by others.

Multi Profit Websites is not just a business tool to use for your own website, but an extremely fast and effective income generating business which gives you multi streams of income. It can also be used as a business on its own. No other income generating opportunity is as versatile. No other product on the internet offers you the capabilities of Money Profit Websites in one package, so it is truly unique.

This business tool let’s you set up a website in 30 minutes, without any web design experience needed, no HTML and code needed either. With the unique Multi Profit Website Control Panel all you need to be able to do is click and edit. Here you can build a website, and as many websites as you want, in whatever niches you prefer, or change your website contents to fit around any particular niche. As your business develops and expands, with the click of a button and the admin edit panel your website/s will grow with you. For those of you who are new to internet marketing this is a good way of getting into the market with a great looking, personalised and profit making website, already kitted out with all the profit making buttons and add ons and feeds to get you started right away on the money track. For those who are already in the market, this can only improve your profits, as more sites and niches, more streams of profits into your bank. There is just no other product on the market like this one, as it is ‘beginner’ and ‘old hand’ friendly, and in becoming an internet marketing guru, you might just end up becoming a web design guru in the process.

The website shows a video of the process and Money Profit Websites offer unlimited use license, dedicated support and unlimited upgrades, Multi Profit Websites sells for a once off cost of $247.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee, with no hassles and no questions asked, return policy in place.