Mobile Marketing Exposed is the latest product venture of mobile marketer duo Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson. It is a comprehensive eBook that teaches people the idea behind mobile marketing. In summary, the eBook discusses the secret mobile phone marketing system on how to sell products effectively, with the greatest concentration on the discussion on how to sell to mobile phone users. The eBook itself is easy to understand and can be used both the newbie in the business or the season pro looking to expand his horizons.

What is inside the Mobile Marketing Exposed? It will show you in a step by step format on how to employ closely guarded tactics to sell to mobile phone users. Compared to other eBooks, Mobile Marketing Exposed will not only focus on iPhone marketing but also on other mobile phone industries, which will give you the competitive edge to beat others and earn more in this industry. There is absolutely no need for prior knowledge or how-to to start this business venture, software, programming/internet skills, or capital. It’s a gold mine for a relatively affordable price.

In addition, it will discuss several advertising techniques, one of which is SMS marketing. But how does the idea of mobile marketing work? All you have to do is get people to opt-in for a marketing messaging subscription, and that where the fun begins. You can then employ techniques to sell your product to earn more. For example, you can send compelling messages to users and increase the probability of a purchase. What is so great about this is that is relatively cheaper compared to other types of advertising or marketing and has a higher response rate as well. The users are targeted and advertising will not be a waste.

The parts of the eBook are the following:

How to use all the secrets expounded in the product to your fullest advantage;
Use WordPress and link it with a mobile website;
Use automated mobile site building tools for on the go site building;
Market mobile sites to millions of iPhone users and users of iPhone applications;
Create a mobile site map for Google;
Easily create compatible mobile sites;
Use mobile SEO; and
Understand your market and employ ways to increase productivity and purchase.

The entire product is sold for a price of $97 with a 60 days money back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever that you do not find this eBook up to standards, all you have to do is send an email to their 24/7 support team and they would gladly refund your money with absolutely no questions asked.