Mobile Banner Creator of IM Wealth Builders Ltd. is a website developed by John Merrick, Cindy Battye & Soren Jordansen that advertises the use of mobile banners for marketing to increase sale or profits. Mobile banners are a marketing strategy that uses high quality graphics to generate hits on a profit website. It is free software that requires membership subscription to the site to be able to access it.

There is a free access button that directs you to a sign up page. After you sign up, you will then be directed to a promotional page that advertises Mobile Banner Creator’s special offer on how to maximize your internet marketing skills through upgrading to their platinum account. The upgrade allows you to access more than a hundred images, banners, and tiles at one location at any given time. You are also given the privilege of uploading 100 of your own images to produce 100 images in each category. The site also has a system that teaches you an entire affiliate marketing system for free. It offers a 5-hour step by step training video on how to select top affiliate products, website that allow you to create search engine friendly websites, sites that you need to get your content indexed in search engines. Aside from that, teaches how free software can generate cash on demand whenever you click it open.

The platinum account includes transferable private label rights to 25 high quality products that you can simply own and right your name on to build your reputation as being knowledgeable on that product. These high quality PLR’s include:

The List Building Bible
Raffle Site Script
Maximum Profit PLR
Landing Page success Guide
Facebook Craze for Internet Marketers
Building Your Own Cash Pipeline
Competitor Ninja
The Arbitrage Model
Making Sense of Google Adsense
Firesale Essence
Color Photo Synergizer
Blogging for Cash
Newbies Guide to PLR
Getting Ready for the Right Relationship
Build Me a 50,000 List Fast
Network and Public Speaking for Internet Marketers
Relationship Marketing for Newbies
Email Marketing Riches
Tips and Tricks for Success for Young Entrepreneurs
Instant PLR Author
Become an Affiliate Marketing master
Video Marketing Profits

You also get free lifetime access to Traffic Generation 101 and Clickbank affiliates message sets and a 12-part video series for email marketing. All these plus the Mobile Banner Creator upgrade for a fee of $77. The PLR products may be used as bonuses for the campaigns or may be sold separately whatever purpose you want it to serve. At the bottom of the page with this offer, the decline button will lead you to a page that cuts down the $77 deal to $47 which actually is a big discount. However, once you decline the offer again, you will get to a page that offers a 7-day full trial of the upgraded Mobile Banner Creator for just $4.97. It’s deal after deal after deal. It may just be worth checking or trying out if you have nothing to lose. Besides, the platinum account upgrade fee has a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is send them a support ticket for full refund.