The Micro Continuity is an online tutorial guide on how you will be able to earn money online by giving away CDs. It is ideal for beginners who do not know anything about internet marketing since it will teach you everything you need to know to make the program work for you. The program is created by Russell Brunson, who is also the CEO of DotComSecrets. The Micro Continuity program is an online guide that offers training for 6 months.

Micro Continuity is not one of those affiliate programs where all you have to do is set up a system that will automatically earn you money without doing anything. What it does though, is give you a step by step guide on how to start your online business, and gradually make this business a stand-alone process that will earn you money for a long time. The idea of giving away CDs is a marketing strategy that will allow you to pull customers to purchase your product. As an example given from the video on the website, a mother who used the system gave away CDs about Pre-schools.

The system will teach you everything on how to start this marketing strategy. First, you have to remember that you have give free CDs, or something physical that your customers have access to, before launching your product in full blast. You don’t have to worry about what this physical product is since the Micro Continuity system will help you on how to make this. Once this is done, you will then have your targeted customers come in to your website and subscribe to you. All these steps from making a video to promote your product to building your website are given in a step by step manner. The only thing you need to have is the ability and the patience to follow simple instructions.

Once you opt to purchase the Micro Continuity program, you will be given access to its membership site where you can download Mp3 files detailing all the steps you need to take to earn money online. The files will teach you how to set up your Micro-continuity website up and running quickly and easily. You will also get a 7-day trial period to get an access to the Micro Continuity Video Training Program detailing every step you need to execute the program. A website template is also included where all you have to do is fill in some information and you will have a website that has been proven to produce high conversion rate.

To gain access to the Micro Continuity system, a 1 dollar fee is requested for a 7 day trial. After 7 days, you will be requested to pay a monthly subscription fee of $47.00 per month for 6 months. You can also try your subscription for 60 days. If the program is not for you, you can ask for a refund within those 60 days with no questions asked. People interested in subscribing to the program can also check links at the bottom of the website for more information.