MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate was created and marketed by internet marketer genius Pawan Agrawal after another successful plug in called Stripe Ad. The idea behind this newest plug in is that it will improve your current WordPress blog by teaching individuals good marketing skills as well as learn how to use affiliates to the best advantage possible to see a dramatic increase in sales. How does the affiliate marketing idea work? The plug in takes some of the keywords found in your blog posts and makes them in to valuable links and transitions in your affiliate link. It is also not limited to this option, old blogs can still be affiliated, and keywords can be affiliated in sites that you specify.

The plug in also serves as an organizer where all affiliate product links of your WordPress blog or blogs can be managed all in one place. This will be a big thing for people on the go as it will serve as a cockpit or control panel where all links can be seen, controlled and monitored. Also, variations of the links can be chosen as an option and once the plug in detect these variations, and then they will be automatically converted into cloaked affiliate links. Another option is the ability to easily remove affiliate links as removing them usually is very hard to do. All affiliate links of any format is recognized by the plug in, so no stone or website is left unturned.

The MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate has the following features: (1) Flexible Link Management, (2) Create Professional Redirect Links, (3) Manage Links by Groups, (4) Prevent “Affiliate Theft”, (5) Insert Affiliate Links Directly, (6) Transform Keywords to Links, (7) Advanced Display Options, and (8) Use “No-Follow” Links . In addition to these, you also get free ongoing updates or upgrades from the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate website, online support from fellow peers through a forum website, email support from the management 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and complete license to install the plug in all existing and upcoming blogs you own and will create. The product is sold for $97 with a 602 days money back guarantee, no questions whatsoever asked.

The MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate is a powerful tool for any internet enthusiast. Why? Because it steps up to competition and lets you earn even while you sleep. MaxBlogPress keeps the cash in your pocket. Crafty visitors will attempt to hijack your links and sometimes strip you of your commissions. MaxBlogPress allows you to manage and control your links from a central management area and protect your links.

All you have to do is install the plug in, follow instructions, and set the entire program to catch great affiliate links. In this way, thousands of dollars can be placed into your account with minimal effort. Truly, this plug in is a must have today.