Marketing Quickies 3 is an online step by step guide on how you can earn money through internet marketing. It is promoted by Andrew Fox, together with Lee Benson. Andrew Fox is also the creator of Marketing Quickies 1 and 2, as well as the Clickbank Domination Videos. This system is very ideal for beginners, since it details everything you need to know about internet marketing. It does not require any previous experience in internet marketing, as well as heavy technical knowledge.

The Marketing Quickies 3 is composed of 36 video lessons, which will give you quick tips on how you can start your internet marketing business. These videos are short and concise, and their implementation is quick and easy as well. The Marketing Quickies 3 focuses on video marketing, and all the initial steps in internet marketing are tackled, from market research up to building a website.

When you purchase Marketing Quickies 3, you will get your own fully functional website that has been designed specifically for internet marketing. It has been formatted to be a membership website that you can use to create a recurring income.

Aside from the fully functional website, you will also get three videos every month that will give you tips and tricks about internet marketing. You can syndicate these videos on your website since you get the full resale rights to them once you pay for Marketing Quickies 3. That means that even you can market the program, and use it to create your online income.
A Web 2.0 video sales pitch is also included, which is also customizable so you can use it for your own marketing plans. You can even edit the slides and the narration on the video to personalize the whole presentation. All the source codes are included, as well as a pre-encoded flash file that you can immediately use once you receive it.

You will also get 12 months of web hosting together with the purchase of the system, so you won’t have to worry on where you will upload your bundled website. This web hosting is powered by Mosso, and you can utilize their services for a whole year. Another great item included in the Marketing Quickies 3 is the pre-installed copy of EasyMemberPro, which is a payment processing tool that is connected to Paypal, and all other major payment processing companies like Clickbank and 1ShoppingCart.

A ready-made affiliate program is also included in the website, giving you the opportunity to earn more income by promoting products. Since the affiliate program is integrated in your site, all you have to do is monitor them. Aside from this, you will also get professional assistance when you upload your website and install your database, including all the necessary steps to connect to the major payment processing companies.

The Marketing Quickies 3 costs a one-time payment of $697.00, and a monthly fee of $20.00 to maintain the license. You can also opt to pay $297 for three consecutive months, and pay the monthly fee of $20 for the same license maintenance.