Marketing Masterclass is an online marketing training program developed by John Thornhill that will help you build a successful online business. According to the site, he started online marketing in 1999 and quit his day job in 2006 because of his success in selling information products. During these years he managed to come up with a training program that will help anyone succeed in the internet marketing business. John Thornhill is also known for his famous eBay eBook ‘90 Day PowerSeller’, which helped people maximize their earning in eBay.

Marketing Masterclass is not your typical quick fix internet marketing program since the training lasts for 36 weeks. Each week you will be given training materials complete with worksheets and checklists to aid you in your training. To make sure you are following the instructions and training materials, you are also given assignments that you need to accomplish.

John Thornhill got his big break by selling Information Products. As the name implies, he learned how to sell information in digital form and automate the whole process. The weekly training program will teach you how to emulate this strategy and start earning money through online marketing. Aside from the weekly information and assignments, you will also have the opportunity to work with John and his team. The subscription will give you personal access to John and his team to ask for advice and help. If necessary, John says that you can contact him directly if the need arises.

The Marketing Masterclass website has 2 sections that will help you make your decision in subscribing to the training program. The first page you can check is the Testimonials section where several successful online marketers credit John in helping them succeed in their respective businesses. The people who testified for John have links to their sites that interested people can check out to help them decide if the training program is worth it. To give more proof of the success of Marketing Masterclass, the website also provides the Case Studies section where you can check the story and the websites of the people who have trained under John’s program and who became successful in their online businesses.

The Marketing Masterclass has a 14 day trial period that only costs $4.95. If the customer is satisfied and wishes to continue the training, it will cost them $99.99 for every two weeks of the remaining 30 weeks of the course. Aside from the 14 day trial period, there is also a 60 days money back guarantee with no questions ask. If after 2 months you find the training program is not your cup of tea, you can ask for a refund of all the money you spent and will no longer be billed further.