Local Mobile Monopoly is the latest mobile marketing product created by internet marketing legends Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan’s. Its no secret that the next wave of ecommerce and online marketing will be through mobile. Local Mobile Monopoly is a complete business package that will train you on how to help small businesses increase their exposure and sales through the power of mobile marketing. The course is designed to train you on how to help small businesses leverage advertising through text messaging, apps, and mobile sites to help increase customer interaction and customer loyalty.

Local Mobile Monopoly has created a unique text message based online software platform that allows you to leverage text messaging to begin building out large scale campaigns for small businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are sending a hundred or even thousands of text messages at once, Local Mobile Monopoly is built to handle handle it all!

Local Mobile Monopoly isn’t like any other online ‘business in a box’ system in existence. It doesn’t rely on driving traffic, creating blogs, building an email list, or even learning HTML. This is a dead simple approach with little to zero competition in an industry that is just dying to be told how to spend there marketing budget.

Unlike traditional text messaging marketing campaigns that require a Fortune 500 budget, Local Mobile Monopoly was created to help bring you the very same technology, at a dirt cheap fee. You’ll also be given the exact blueprint and business plan on how to begin marketing to local businesses as soon as tomorrow.

Local Mobile Monopoly will teach you the ABC strategy on how to find paying businesses that can’t figure out how to spend there marketing budget. You’ll get your own laser targeted Million Dollar Rolodex of hot local leads in a matter of minutes using Local Mobile Monopolies specialized tools found no where else on the internet. Best of all, Local Monopoly will teach you how to sign up as many businesses as you could ever want without even a single minute of selling!

Local Mobile Monopoly is best for those that are looking to build there own localized marketing business. It will require some hard work, like any business, and hitting the pavement and meeting with local business owners. While that could seem overwhelming for many, Adam Horwitz has created an easy an easy to follow system that will help anyone get started immediately.