Link Liberation 2.0 is an extensive step by step Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide that will help you in making money online. It was created by Dan Thies and Lesli Rohde, who have been teaching and coaching online marketers over the last few years. The Link Liberation 2.0 is advisable for beginners who are interested in internet marketing, since it discusses all the major points that a newbie must learn in order to effectively execute the steps on how to make money online.

The Link Liberation 2.0 is consists of twelve modules with videos and step by step guides. Each module specializes in a specific area that any affiliate marketer needs to know. The first module, entitled “The Plan,” gives an introduction on why link building matters on today’s internet market. This module talks about the nature of Google ranking, the importance of links on your website, and the importance of keywords in your internet marketing.

After the introduction, the next modules discuss specific strategies about linkbuilding. Module two and three, entitled Content Pumps and Market Multipliers, talks about the importance of content for your website, and how to use this content to drive your internet marketing offers. The third module then follows it up on ways where you can evaluate the market that you are targeting, and how to specifically drive your target market to your website.

Module four to seven goes deeper into linkbuilding, and these modules are a bit more technical. You don’t have to worry about its technicalities though since all of the modules are presented on videos, giving you the opportunity to learn them through step by step instructions. These modules discuss Anchor Text, Relationship Marketing, Authority Linking, and Internal Linking. These strategies are used to enhance your linkbuilding skills, as well as help your website to establish a good reputation. The eighth module is also related to the last four modules, and it gives you more technical tips that you can use links to drive traffic to your website.

Module 9 is fairly different from the strategies, since this module will teach you how you can build a team to help you in your internet marketing. It teaches all the things that you need to do on how you can start a team, and how to utilize this team to help you in your business. Module 10 discusses another tip on how you can create and utilize High Impact Links, while Module 11, the last module, will teach you Advance PR Strategies.

The Link Liberation 2.0 is an online course, and it can cost about $2,500 for the whole course that will take 16 weeks to complete. There are two options on how you can pay. The first option is to pay for $297.00 a month until you finish the course, and the second option is to pay a one-time payment of $2,497 for a year’s worth of subscription.