The Killer Video Squeeze Pages is a new product launched in the areas of online marketing and finance by partners Ken Walker and David Nayavich. It works by building ones list and selling more digital products to customers online by the power of persuasive videos that are delivered monthly for your web pages that specifically sell your product.

It is a monthly membership package that offers professionally designed flash videos for marketers with squeeze pages. For a certain monthly fee, the Killer Video Squeeze Pages Package will deliver videos that will not only get customer attention but will also convince them of the product being featured and thus generate sales! Having a great video on squeeze pages are important for traffic generation, and with higher traffic, the more your website is promoted to top spots in search engines. In addition to getting great videos, they are given in full copyright to you, meaning no one else can use them and you can paste them anywhere else, repost them, or sell them as you deem fit.

The package is simple: you get hold of five amazing video squeeze pages that promote the hottest products online (more likely digital products), as well as five other professionally designed flash videos in these squeeze pages. What’s a great steal is that the squeeze pages come with their own reports which can be handed out for free to potential customers who give their private email in exchange. Also, the squeeze pages are built in with five sets of auto responder emails. Research has shown that people do not really purchase at the first contact, but with repeated sales advertising, the chances or probability that a purchase will be made is higher. The videos are saved and delivered through the FLV format, meaning it can be used, marketed, and shown in any part of the World Wide Web.

But where can one use these video squeeze pages? The possibilities are endless not only in marketing but in blogging as well. One can post them in YouTube, use them on their very own squeeze pages, link them or play them in a blog, and even serve as a promotion or advertising tool by itself. The idea behind the power of squeeze pages is the value of ClickBank advertising, promotion of products of affiliates can let you earn by collecting commissions. But what is so great about this is that you don’t have to have your own product. All you have to do is promote them, minimizing the need to do auditing and book keeping, and then collect commissions.

The Killer Video Squeeze Pages helps by eliminating the need to find affiliates and products to promote, as they do it for you. The entire process is done in three steps: (1) follow tutorials shown to learn how to start your own affiliate code, (2) copy and paste messages for auto responders, and (3) get traffic to the splash pages that you have created. Once your email list is made, the auto responder will continually send promotional messages and redirect active buyers to your sales page in the process.

The monthly fee is $47 under a 60 days money back guarantee.