Keyword Gem is a software that allows the user to find hundreds of keywords on any given niche market. So far only a beta version of the software has been released by its creator Todd Perkins, which the user can use by registering on their website and paying a nominal monthly fee.

Keyword Gem works by scraping keyword phrases from Google suggestion search wizard, it also works with Yahoo and Bing. The creator of this software claims that this program can uncover many profitable keywords that you normally will not find with Google Keyword tool. The Keyword Gem is an effective tool that will give you the best untapped keywords that Google keyword tool will not give you. This software searches through Google to find the best keywords for your website or the niche market of your choice, so that you will not have to do so manually, and thus saving you precious time and effort. This software shows the keyword result in great detail. It does not just show the keywords but their rank as well.

The Keyword Gem is made available to the user for the monthly price of $9.95. But in their website it is said that the price will soon be raised to $19.95. It is assured that any time the user wants to stop subscribing, they will be stopped being charged with the monthly fee. Keyword Gem also comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren’t fully satisfied with your results simply request a refund at anytime to have your money returned.