A product created and marketed by Brad Callen, Keyword Elite 2.0 is a tool for seasoned internet marketers and beginners alike. Brad Callen is an SEO expert and has designed a tool or software that will help internet enthusiasts find keywords that are profitable for your Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization campaigns. This is a second release after Keyword Elite, with a main difference as having the ability to search profitable keywords by the thousands, a high search volume and conversion rate in one.

There are different tools that internet marketers find useful while using the Keyword Elite 2.0. These are listed as the following:

Keyword Surge is a tool where you get a list of related keywords from an original keyword that you have inputted. Where do these related keywords come from? They come from top search engines such as Google’s Keyword Tools, Ask.com, Wordtracker, and from its own database as well. What makes this an advantage above other softwares is that you can get a wide range of keywords, making a large search area and missing nothing. For every keyword generated, the source, search volume, and length parameters are also generated.
Market Research Sleuth is a tool for market or keyword data analysis. How is this used? Once you generate a list of keywords, analysis can further be done on this from other databases such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and get estimated searches from CPC and KEI. This is presented as an additional feature that shows the top search results.
Adwords Time Machine on the other hand displays the past competition in PPC for the specific keyword that you have inputted. The data is shown monthly, along with information regarding domains, biddings, and advertisements.
Search Engine Dominator is more on acting as a three step analysis tool for keywords where massive information is shown such as PR of result pages, backlinks available, distribution of keywords, and parameters. It shows the top 10 search engine results for each keyword.
For specific projects that require you to monitor, the Adwords Competition Sniper can allow you to set up several projects and scheduled runs but requires specific domain names as input.
Advanced Google Site Targeter allows you to find content networks for keyword placements. You simply type in a keyword, and then it will generate top sites where you can copy URL’s and paste targeted campaigns on them after.
The JV Diamond Miner is great for niche opportunities, where you can build your lists and promote your products on different websites.
The CPA Magnet works by finding valuable products that is profitable to promote on the online market.

This package is sold for $97 with an eight weeks money back guarantee with a special bonus of SEO Elite given for free.