The Joint Ventures Exposed course is a set of step by step videos that will teach you the process of making online profits through Joint Ventures. The program is created by Michael Rasmussen and he believes that the most profitable way in earning money online is by exploiting Joint Ventures. Rasmussen also believes that traditional internet marketing strategies like article marketing and SEO are not the best way to earn money online. The Joint Ventures Exposed course is advisable for newbies since it requires little technical knowledge and experience in internet marketing.

The Joint Ventures Exposed course will teach you everything through the videos that Rasmussen has created. Part of the videos will give instructions on how you can start your joint ventures by establishing JV partners. The first lessons will talk about how to use a simple psychology “trick” to make JV partners accept your offers and how to become friends with other successful marketers. It will also teach you what type of relationship to build with your JV partners so that the partnership will benefit you both. Another video will teach you the seven things that you must do during your first contact with a prospective partner.

The second area that these videos will teach you deals about everything you need to learn when making JV proposals. It will teach you how to make the best and world class JV proposals. It details the common mistakes that most people make when making JV proposals and how to avoid them.

It will also teach you the two key pieces of information that most JV partners want to know first before they consider accepting your offer. This section will also teach you on how you can build your credential as a JV partner and lure other online marketers to view your proposals.

Once you have JV partners, the course will teach you the steps to take on how to make these partners help you in earning money. The first thing you will learn are the secret techniques on how to write endorsement emails and the eight most important promotional materials that you need to distribute to your partners.

After preparing your proposals and your JV partners list, the Joint Ventures Exposed course will teach you strategies on how you can start expanding your partnerships. First, it will teach you the five things you must have on your website before sending any proposals and it will also explain the right kind of persistence that you should have when faced with rejected proposals. You will also learn more than a dozen ways on how you can form a win-win approach with your JV partners and the best way on how to negotiate with other JV partners.

Joining the Joint Ventures Exposed course is free. All you need to do is enter your email address. Once you register, you will be able to gain access to several videos that will teach how to start your JV marketing online. You will also get an offer to join the Deluxe Version of the course once you register. The Deluxe version offers more items and packages like the JV Email Automator, Butterfly marketing 2.0 and the 7 Figure Code Home Study Course among others. The Deluxe Version is tagged at $97 dollars. The usual 60 days money back guarantee is offered.