The Instant Social Anarchy was designed, created, and is now marketed by expert online marketer and internet specialist Russell Brunson. The basic idea behind this powerful software is that it allows you to sign up and set up around 10,000 social media accounts with just a few clicks of a button instead of doing the entire thing over and over again to the point of frustration, boredom, and exhaustion. It also boasts that by using this kind of software, you are doing in seconds what 200-300 workers from the Philippines can do in days.

Why is there a need to register to social media sites and what is the huge fuss about this? Having accounts by the thousands will actually get your item recognized and known across the internet. Not only any item but also your service, your brand, or you yourself. This is done by the back links generated from registering to other sites in order to increase the amount of traffic into your own website and propel your site to top ranks in large search engines such as Yahoo! And Google. As registering or signing up is a laborious task for anyone, the Instant Social Anarchy comes in by doing everything automatically and in a fully automated mode so that all you have to do is follow a few simple steps and everything is done for you.

First, you have to create you project by choosing a project name. Once you’ve made up your mind regarding the project name, you are now ready to choose networks you wish to spam. You can choose from a variety of networks such as Elgg, Yonkly, Revou, Jisko, Twitter, and After this, fill up on the profile template provided by the software to add more personality and twist to your account so that it won’t look haphazardly done by a machine. You can also have an option to post to adult explicit sites if you wish to. Once this is all laid out, simply press the save button. The next step would be registering the accounts that you have created. Just click a few options that tell you what to do and it automatically registers your account for you. You can also add URL links, choose custom user names, or totally make your account filled with images. Once this is finalized, click the Register Accounts Now button and you’re on to step 3.

Step three involves submitting a post for all accounts. All you have to do is create a post that is inside the limited number of characters required, save it, and click the Post Now button. This is the easy three step process offered by the Instant Social Anarchy as the product is sold for the price of 397 US Dollars with a 30 days money back guarantee.